To be Gratefull!!

I know Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, and the new season brings with it trees, lights, and hopefully some snow. But I wanted to take this Friday to express how important gratitude is in our lives.

So much of our busy lifestyle keeps us from taking time to simply be thankful for the opportunities around us. Whether it’s meeting a new friend at the Check Out counter, saying hello to our favorite barista at the local coffee shop, or just walking down the sidewalk in our town breathing the beautiful air we have to breath; Gratefulness is essential to our contentment.

Studies Show Grateful People are Happy People

It must come as no surprise, but Grateful people, are Happy People. Those who take time out of their lives to simply be grateful for the life they’ve been given, are people who have optimistic outlooks on life. They don’t spend time trying to divide and fight, but they are the one’s who are thankful for every encounter they have in the world.

Today, I’m grateful for a wonderful family who loves me without condition. I’m grateful for a wife who accepts my gifts AND my faults, and searches for new ways to tell me how valuable I am. Jamie I’m grateful for you.

Grateful People are Content People

Another “aha” moment came to me when I was learning about the secret to living at peace with the world, and with myself. The secret to life isn’t how to make more money, or buy more things; but rather, to be grateful in all circumstances.

When we can find those places of contentment where circumstances don’t shadow our mental capacity, that’s a place of gratefulness.

Today, I’m grateful for the work I’ve been called to. I’m thankful for the chances I’ve had to work with Teenagers and their families. I’m thankful for the chance to write ideas in books and blogs where thousands of people have the chance to think about their world, and apply simple lessons to learning what it means to live at peace with God and with their neighbors.

Grateful people bring peace to others

Have you ever been around people who are always looking to another pasture? They think if they only ___________________. Or if they only ___________________. Then life will be better.

Consequently, have you ever been around people who can take today and just be thankful they have today?

Unfortunatley, we spend our whole lives building and creating, performing and producing, and most of the time it takes until our final days on earth when we can actually be thankful for the moments we have today. We take for granted so much, but if we learn how to be grateful in every moment we take a breath, others are attracted to that same energy.

Today, I’m thankful for the day I wasn’t promised yesterday. I’m grateful for the air in my lungs, and my health given to me, none of my own doing. I’m thankful for my children, and their care and love for their father. I’m thankful for a world where there IS promise that people of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds can come together and care for one another.

So maybe this post is a little sappy, but my heart is running over with gratitude today!!

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