It’s finally here!!  NO FEAR!!

If you’re watching the news this week, you’ll have seen the stories of terrorism both here and abroad.  You’ve seen natural disasters ravage countrysides, economic systems on the verge of failure, and we’re even scared of the people who are assigned to protect and serve.  Fear is everywhere!!

A few years ago, I started writing this book NO FEAR in LOVE.  The thesis is pretty simple, Faith people have no reason to be afraid.  People who claim to believe in God shouldn’t have anything to fear in this world.  But everywhere I turned, I saw faith leaders wrangling people into churches with stories of fear.

We had to fear Hollywood for putting out movies that shaped our generation.
We had to fear Homosexuals because they were trying to take over marriage.
We had to fear politicians on the opposite side of the aisle because they were taking down our country.
We had to fear people of other faiths, because they wanted to convert us or to kill us.
I even saw people who were reading more about the Apocalypse because they were afraid the world was coming to an end.

But is this really necessary?  Do we have to be filled with fear? Or is there another alternative?

NO FEAR IN LOVE just hit Amazon.com’s early release yesterday, and I’m super excited to get this book to you.  For the last decade most of my writing has been aimed to a general student audience, but this one is for Everyone.  No Fear is a book for students and adults who want to look at the world without the tint of fear.  It’s for people who want to explore, discover, and learn how to live in the world free from FEAR!!

You can pre-order over  on AMAZON-Andy Braner Books, and I’m sure I’ll be touring this book next year in your neighborhood.

Excited?  I am.  This is the book I’ve been wanting to write for YEARS!


Let me know what you think

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