No doubt, as students are finishing up finals for the first of their last two semesters in High School, many are wondering what the next year will hold. Some will be excited about visions of Fraternities and Sorrorrities, and others will be thrilled to be a part of a University academic discovery program. New Doctors, New Lawyers, New Educators, New Scientists, and New Artists; will be heading to the Best Universities in the World. But for many, there’s a longing to explore the world and get to know themselves at a deeper level. I introduce to you, The KIVU Gap Year.

A Global Worldivew
After being in youth work for the last 20 years, I’m more convinced than ever, American students NEED…NO…MUST take some time spending time with people of a different culture. Over the last decade the world has changed so much, it’s imperative our students get a broader worldview than the one we’ve created here in America. This generation has been called the first Gobals, and every educational institution would do good to help prepare students to do their vocational work inside the confines of other worldviews. Communication skills, a deeper level of understanding, and a “knowing” of where and how others approach life is crucial for future succes.

I introduce to you The KIVU Gap Year.

With 6 different locations in an 8 month time span, The KIVU Gap Year students get an up close and personal approach to different people in different cultures working on a wide variety of different vocational approaches.

Personal Discovery Before University
Today’s University Freshman is equaled to a High School Sophomore a decade ago. “My class is like a High School Class where students beg for extra credit, may or may not show up for class, and at the end of the semester beg and plea for me to curve their grades.” -A Current Undergraduate Professor at Texas A&M-

Some students have a great vision for where they are going in the future, and they show up to College with determination. Others are feeling their way through their own personal discovery process. What if there was a year between High School and University where we could prepare our students to know themselves well, and learn to know the people around them?

I introduce to you The KIVU Gap Year.

Our Partners and Staff are keenly aware of personal development. We keep the cohorts in the range between 12-15 students where they have the “college” experience, but it’s much more personally focused. We work with students on individual gifts, individual interests, and ways they were created to function in the world.

New Programs
The KIVU Gap Year is on the move. We are working to open two new locations: Washington D.C. and London. The 2015-2016 class will have the opportunity to interact with the world’s most powerful political leaders. We’ll have a hospitality track where students can begin learning how to work in the hospitality industry. And we are working with agency’s who lobby politicians for issues that matter to our mission: Mainly helping students find places where they can CHANGE THE WORLD.

So if you’re interested in a life-changing year next year, and you’re wondering “Maybe the University isn’t for me just yet.” Then take a look at our website at We’re taking applications for next year’s class, and we’re working with the most interesting students from the four corners of the globe.

Hope to see you in next year’s class.

Let me know what you think

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