This has been an incredible week meeting people from all walks of life. Last Thursday I trekked to Dallas Texas where I had the chance to address the Highland Park Parent Education Committee.

The Committee is comprised of parents throughout the school system who are interested in learning how to be ‘in the know’ when it comes to raising students to successful adults.

Before I left, I calculated I’ve spent a little over 68K hours working with teenagers and college students over the course of my professional life, and I felt like I well exceeded Malcolm Gladwell’s 10K hours of being good at something.

Overall, it was a wonderful success.

I had a chance to talk with mothers and fathers of teenagers who are dealing with pressure, social media, friendship, vocation, creativity, athletics, academics, and the normal tumultuous navigation through adolescence.

Then I went on to meet with several of the smartest most engaging people in the DFW area. People who are interested in making the world a better place through a generational shift of teaching, training, shaping, and molding; these are a few of my favorite things to do!! I’m so impressed with the level of professionalism and just plain intelligence down there in the community I was in.

I wrapped it up with a session on Teenage Pressure with my friends from Highland Park United Methodist. Again, being with parents interested in knowing what’s going on with their kids who are willing to share ideas (some that are in disagreement) is right in the bullseye of what I was created to do.

Back to Durango for 48 hours with the fam, and today on to Amman Jordan. I’m going to meet with students, parents, and young leaders who are interested in looking a the current state of affairs in the Middle East, and find a more caring, loving, human approach to some of these ‘hardest’ issues.

I would love your support and prayer as I travel to one of the regions of the world I care of so much. The meetings are sure to produce incredible ideas that will show the people of America and the Middle East how to Care deeply for friendship with one another.

On I go to another adventure!! I’ll be sure to post pictures and stories from the week. If you have any questions, or would like me to address these issues specifically, feel free to ask. I’d love to share what I’m learning with those who are interested.

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  1. Hanging with you, all the way, no matter where in the world you are. Would welcome a long conversation, when you might have the time, when you return home to the fam and your other duties. Praying daily for you, Sir Andy!!!

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