Ok, when looking for a movie to watch with my wife on a date night, I’m not really up for a 2 hour and 49 minute film.  Call me crazy, but that’s a long time to be sitting in a dark room without falling asleep.  (Gosh, did I just write that?  GEEZ,I’m getting old.)  But the buzz around the new Christopher Nolan film Interstellar was too much for me to skip.

I’m drawn to films that take on big subjects like life, science, and the cosmos.  My idea of a great film is one where you can have a real conversation about important human topics on the drive home, and Interstellar held up to it’s end of the bargain.

As the human race has to try and find solutions to the climate creep destroying crops, dusting cities, and causing major health problems; NASA sends a mission to inter galactic space.  The problems of distance, time, and interplanetary life support were curiously handled in a new exciting way.  The team charged with finding a new home for humanity had to deal with relativity, gravity, and the harsh environments found in space.

Overall, it was a beautiful film with awesome images of space, compelling reasoning for space/time, and new ways of thinking about gravity and time travel.  As an actor, I was less impressed with the way the actors interpreted the screenplay.  I thought there were some flippant sections and often even the dialogue was drown out by the overpowering music.  I read that Christopher Nolan was the writer, producer, director of the film, the brain child of Inception and The Dark Night, and he certainly held up to the reputation set by those previous films.

All in all, I would suggest you go see Interstellar.  Be ready to be in the theater for a while, but the conversations afterwards are worth the price and time of the film.  Be ready for questions like, What is the origin of the Universe?  What forces control our movement through the galaxy?  Is time travel a reality awaiting on the scientific discovery?

Jamie and I had a great time, and I think you will as well.

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