This last weekend was another retreat to write in the hallways of the KIVU history books.  My good friend Miles Melbert and I decided to invite some of our old Kappa Omega Tau (KOT) friends to KIVU for a weekend of fun.  The KOT’s are a group at Baylor University who were established as a local service organization with a greek flair at the University back in the 60’s.

I joined the group of KOT’s in 1994 with 22 other guys and became a part of this long standing Baylor University tradition.  The club was filled with all kinds of guys from all kinds of backgrounds, but what was (and still is) a common denominator among men all over the world, the stories we made together.  There’s just something to it, mainly to have a network of people who experienced a similar phase of life and see how it continues to live on in the present.

We invited guys to come from all over the country, and 10 brave souls journeyed up to our place here in Colorado to hang out and re-live old memories.  And once again, I was moved.

I had a suspicion that men between 35 and 45 are keenly aware of the fact life is passing faster than they expected when they were 20.
Together, Miles and I thought there might be a place where men need to get away from home for a short time and just un-wind.
I never in my wildest imagination would have predicted what happened.

Old friendships were re-kindled.
Some old luggage, in the form of life’s unexpected course, was dropped off.
Conversations that were relevant to today’s modern man trying to make sense of the world, were the course of the days here.
Overall, I felt like we found a common place of struggle, of success, of celebration, and something super encouraging when men get together–lots of fishing!! (HA!)

I’m thankful for the men in this picture who took a few days off work, away from their families, and risked a weekend to be with each other.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a long while.

Here’s the value of investing in retreats!!  You guys were a huge encouragement to this particular man trying to understand the world around me.

Let me know what you think

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