If you’ve been following my Instagram (@abraner), you’ve probably wondered what in the world I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.  Well…let me explain.

Most of you know I graduated from my Undergraduate University (Baylor) with a degree in Theater and Performance.  Acting was a large part of my life, and the creative process was something I enjoyed exploring.  Since my graduation I’ve largely shelved the official acting gig to move on to work with Teenagers and College Students at KIVU.

A couple of months ago, my good friend Neil Hoppe called and said he was writing a screenplay and directing his first full length feature film.  “And I want you to be in it!”

WOW…that kind of came out of nowhere.  Here I am poised to continue writing and speaking to youth groups around the country and now a really cool opportunity came and I just thought, “What the heck?  Who gets an opportunity to go back and re-create what they wanted to do years ago?”

If I’m honest, I was a bit nervous, hoping that I can still produce a character that can add to the film and not be one of those cheesy actors without any talent.  HA!!  Fill in the blank there for your favorite cheese ball actor.

So for the last two and a half weeks, I’ve been traveling with an AWESOME crew, a talented Camera Team, and a director who I respect SO much.

The creative process was back in full swing, and I loved being with actors again.  There’s something soul awakening in me that is on the cusp of creativity when I try and think about how to help tell a story through a particular character.  Thanks so much!!

Who knows if the film will go anywhere, we’ll see after the editing post production work, but for the time, I’m just thankful for the opportunity.

A Big thanks to Neil (the director) for calling.
A HUGE hand clap to the crew who were tirelessly working to set up the scenes, get the logistics worked out, and give the story a fighting chance.

And who knows where that goes…it sure did awaken something in me that’s been dormant for a long time.

Living life one adventure at a time…that’s what I want my life to be all about…and this definitely gave me a new adventure.

Thanks for continuing to be around even though I took a hiatus for the last couple of weeks.  Now I’m back in Colorado doing my thing.  I’ll be in Denver at Valor High School October 31, and Back in Dallas to talk to the Highland Park Teachers and Parents on November 14.  Hope to see you guys there!!


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