A Few KIVU friends I ate dinner with in Dallas

This week I had the sacred privilege of hanging out with some of our KIVU students from Dallas Texas.  I was down in Texas doing some work with Donors and establishing a system where more people can get involved in our mission here at KIVU in Colorado.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been able to forge some really great relationships with students, and each time I see them my heart jumps with joy as they’re growing to be fine young people.  I’m so thankful they still like to hang with an old man like me.

We went to dinner after a meeting with some KIVU parents, and I just sat around and listened intently.  This is what I found.

1.  Performance and Production

Teenagers in communities of success are bombarded with an environment that forces them to be producers.  “I’m number 37 in my class” one of the students told me.  And then they all pitched in.  They knew exactly where they stood in the class, on the field, and in their social life.  It was amazing!!  I don’t ever remember keeping all this together when I was growing up.  They have an incredible ability to perform at a very high level, and I’m so proud of them for taking on the challenge and meeting the challenge with good ole’ hard work.

But on the other side of the coin, I wonder what this pressure is doing to those days of just being a kid?  Do you remember being able to be a student and hang out with friends, play on the field, and dive deep into the dreams you had for what you wanted to be?

I’m afraid there are so many students who are being forced into a rhythm of production earlier and earlier in life, and I’m so proud they can rise to the occasion.  I’m fearful what this may do with the current burn out rate I’m seeing on the other side of College.

Each week I get several calls from parents who are disturbed that they’re 21-23 year old doesn’t have any motivation to go out in the world and continue that same level of pressure.  I hear about young men who are stuck living in the basement with no real passion to go out and make life vibrant.

You may think it’s an anomaly, but I’m just telling you, I get these calls EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Sure enough, those of us who are parents need to walk a fine line between production and allowing our kids to grow into well healed, well-rounded adults.

Tomorrow…More on what Teenagers are thinking.

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