I’m pretty much at a loss for this one.  Last week, several celebrities Apple iCloud accounts and information got hacked into by some low-level amateur computer geek.  According to Apple, the company has no liability, and they were totally in the right, fully secure…but the information still leaked.

Now you might be thinking, “WOW, it seems like all our vital information is being hacked into.  Target at Christmas, Home Depot most recently, and now my favorite Celebrity?”  And before you throw your laptop in the trash and hurl your iPhone across the yard into the pool there’s really an easy way to stop this.


Sorry for shouting.

All the news agencies are focusing on the security of Apple’s iCould for the latest hacking scandal, and I want to scream at the television, “What the heck are you doing taking naked pictures of yourself, saving those pictures, and then loading them up on the iCloud.”

News Flash Update Race Fans:  PRIVACY IS A THING OF THE PAST.

If you can’t control who can break into your bank account through your credit card or ATM, how in the world do you think some sketchy pictures of yourself are going to remain secret forever?  Are you serious??

Most of you know, I deal with teenagers and emerging adults.  I love them!!!  I really do.  I love the fact that students are so open and honest with what they think.  If they don’t like you, you’ll know it, and FAST!!

But they really haven’t figured out this whole, Load it on the Internet thing.
There’s still this crazy sensation that if you share your Instagram photo, the only people who are going to see it are the people you allowed to follow you.  CRAZY!!!
Or what about the secret SnapChat timer that erases your photo after the recipient is done using it, never to be seen again, right?  Until SnapChat reveals it has a database of billions of photos and will allow users to retrieve their old pictures and use them again….Wha…WHAT???

Look, it’s your life.  Do whatever you feel like you want to do.  But if you’re taking nude pictures of yourself and loading them on ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE that can or will be able to connect to the internet, just remember, someday that’s public domain.

When you run for office, someone will dredge that stuff up.
When you want that promotion at the company you’ve worked for the last 25 years, someone will find it and blow it up POSTER SIZE.
When you become a celebrity, TMZ will go rummaging through your instagram trash, and they’ll publicize it.
OR worse…when you have kids, think about it…

Would you want to google your mom and see nude photos of her?/ EWWWW

So if you’re afraid of getting hacked, just step away.  You don’t have to take the pictures.  You can buy your stuff at Target with a check.  You don’t have to go to Home Depot.  There are ways around it.

Don’t blame the security company for their lack of computer prison walls.
If you’re putting it out there, there’s a chance someone else will see WHATEVER it is.
So kids..do yourself a favor…STOP TAKING PICTURES OF YOURSELF NAKED!!

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