Are you tired of the latest 40 day challenge to be Happy?
Are you still wondering why all those group meetings promising a new fresh look on life end up culminating the same old results living the same old life?
Like a hamster on a wheel, we resort back to the people we were before we went to that conference, sat with that teacher, or engaged in some series of discussions with our local community.  (Can you tell I’m a little Jaded?)

Another 12 steps
Another 4 weeks
Another series of messages.

And all is takes is:
Someone to cut you off in traffic
That bill you didn’t expect to pay arrives in the mail
A family member who disappoints and cuts to your soul
That person at the office who just gets under your skin and you just can’t get away.

And then, all of a sudden, you’re right back at square 1.

The other morning I saw a group of ladies riding bikes downtown.  All four of them were WAY out of shape, and incredibly overweight.  As I drove by I whispered under my breath, “WOW, those bikes are having a workout today?”


I’ve been working hard to “be transformed by the renewing of my mind,” (Romans 12:2) but the same old jaded thoughts keep popping up in my head. I thought for sure I’ve figure out how to care compassionately for others and then I’m right back to my same old self.  I find myself doing the things I don’t want to do, and then I’m racked with guilt when I do them.

I didn’t know those ladies.
I had no business judging them.
And yet, here I was driving in my car thinking bad thoughts and cracking jokes about them–TO MYSELF.  (Obviously, I still have a lot of work to do.)

I know I’m not the only one who’s plagued by these thoughts.

Last week we had a group of students from The Covenant School in Dallas, Texas at KIVU.  They were out for their pre-senior year retreat, planning and learning how they would make a difference leading the school this year.

One of the students wanted some time to talk about this idea of loving people acting on the outside like she cares, AND what it looks like to love people on the inside.  They were concerned that to be honest in their leadership, they needed to learn what it meant to care for people without the same old jaded thoughts.

For the next few blog posts, I’ll be visiting this idea of Whole Transformation.  I want to explore what it looks like to be centered, at peace with ourselves, and able to engage the world around us for good.  I’ll be sharing stories of my failures and successes, and hopefully it will be an encouragement to you.

So if you’re anything like me, and want to live out a whole life paying attention to how we can get off the hamster wheel, join me for the next few weeks.  I think we’ll have a compelling conversation.


Let me know what you think

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