To the millions out there wearing the “Dad” badge, Happy Father’s Day.  As a guy in youth work, I can’t tell you how important your job is to your kids.  May this day be one of the greatest as you realize how incredibly valuable you are to your kids, their future, and their sense of who they are.

My Dad

And to my Dad, I’m thankful.

Thankful for your resilience.
Thankful for your character.
Thankful for your moral compass you passed on and keep pressing in on.
Thankful for your giving.
Thankful for your encouragement.
Thankful for your friendship.
And Thankful for your continued love for my own kids as they grow up idolizing you.

To Dads out there

I know the tension of feeling pulled in every direction.  Your sense of duty to provide is in constant conflict with your deep desire to be with your kids.  You want to be the man in their lives who point, guide, and direct.  You want the best for your kids.  You want them to grow up and feel the sense of worth in the world that you know, and even beyond the sense you don’t.

In my work, Father’s are the key.

It’s Father’s who set the tone.
It’s a Father who can make it or break it for their kid’s self worth.
It’s a Father who shows his son how to treat a woman.
It’s a Father who gives his girl a sense of belonging.
Father’s have a role unmatched by the lure of friends and media.
They may seem like they’re not listening, but they’re watching every move you make.

So today, relish in the beauty of making life complete for the little one’s around you.
And for the big one’s; thanks for leaving a legacy of caring and functioning in the world today.

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