It’s finally here!!!

Winter has gone to bed for the season.
Spring just flew by.
And SUMMER is finally here.
Happy First Day of Summer 2014!!

I used to dread the summer time.
When I lived in the South, summertime meant hot humid sticky days.  You know those days when you get in the shower and you just keep sweating?  That was not my style.
But when I moved to Colorado, Summer means something totally different.

Kayak in Smelter

Summer means, GET OUTSIDE.

There’s so much to experience here in Durango Colorado.
People are hiking through the majestic parts of the Rocky Mountains.
My friends are biking the roads and the single track.
People are rafting through the high water sections of rivers.
And the weather is just absolutely PERFECT!!

Party for Web

I don’t mean to sound spoiled.
But I do mean to sound thankful.

I’m thankful for the beautiful weather.
I’m thankful for the outdoors.
I’m thankful for friends who want to experience all the same things I do.
I’m thankful for a place like KIVU where I can work with High School and University Students in a place they can have a BLAST!!
I’m thankful for God’s gift of Colorado.

Happy First Day of Summer.

It’s gonna be a S-A-W-EET one!!

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