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Part of Leadership Development is a comprehensive look at how to develop a “Whole Human” way of thinking about ourselves and others.  With a Belief System at the core of all we do, I take careful time to teach people to dissect each part of humanity in order to evaluate, and work on self growth and development. Are you ready to get healthy?  CLICK HERE. 

I’ve found, One of the least talked about dimensions of leadership is the Physical dimension.

About a year ago, my wife and I decided we were going to take serious our physical lives.  Quickly approaching 40, we have specific health goals to lead us into the next phases of life.  We want to be intentional about our fitness, mental health, and nutrition to prepare for the inevitable aging of our physical bodies.

The Beginning

Almost a year ago, Jamie got a call from an old college friend working for a new company called Xyngular.  Evidently this young company, founded in 2009, decided to develop a line of products that was free from process foods, all natural, and could deliver results important to their clients.

Of course, we saw this as another company who would post “before and after” pictures on the internet and try to convince people to buy the products.  We told them we weren’t interested in joining any business plan, but we’d love to try out the products and see what would happen.

Being Intentional

Both of us decided to be intentional to follow the Xyngular system and see if we could learn a long term process of training our bodies to digest foods, learn what foods are good for our goals, and be overall healthy.

Jamie’s goal: To loose about 40 pounds.  She felt uncomfortable with her body, and as a mom of 5 kids, she wanted a system that could integrate into her lifestyle without too much change.  She wanted to feel good about her self-image and improve the way she ate.

My goal:  To find a system that could supplement my diet, give me more energy, and help me recover from long bike rides.  (I love riding my road bike in Colorado and I wanted to be sure to keep up with my friends in the community.)

We started last April, and the results have been near miraculous.

Jamie has met her goal of loosing weight.  She lost 40 POUNDS.  She feels great.  She looks incredible.  She has a newfound high level of energy.  And as a mom of 5, a graduate student working on her Master’s degree, Vice President of KIVU, and a supportive friend; she’s a different person.

The other day, I tried the newest line of energy drink called SPRYNG, and after my hour-long cross fit work out, I felt like a million bucks.

This stuff is for real.

Click here for some quick information on what SPRYNG does for your physical activity.

The Product

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.12.41 PMI started using Xyngular to control weight and find a new performance supplement.  I ride my road bike about 5 days a week, and out here in the Colorado mountains, recovery is essential.  If you’re always climbing these mountains the body needs a well designed product to help supply an even amount of energy and set up your body for optimum recovery time.  The first result:  I lost 12 pounds.  Next: I needed to see my recovery time split in half.

I started with Gatorade, and found it to be super sugary.  My stomach almost felt sick when it was in the bottle.

I worked with an Herbalife specialist, and their H30 supplement was one of my favorites, until I mixed a bottle of SPRYNG.

This stuff is LEGIT!

When I mix my water bottle with SPRYNG, I feel amazing on the climb, and my recovery time is almost half of what it was before.

I’m climbing well, recovering well, and keeping up with riders half my age.


Just last weekend, I was a part of the annual Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in Durango Colorado.  Saturday, I lined up with 2000 road bikers from around the country who raced up 25 miles of 4K ft of elevation climb.  At the end of the race armed with my SPRYNG bottle, I felt AMAZING!

For information on what’s in SPRYNG, Check out this  Spryng-comparison chart.

The Business

With the new results, Jamie Jo and I decided to join the company, and what we found was an amazing company concerned with personal growth, physical results, and come to find out, they have a healthy commitment to spiritual development.

They are helping Moms who are unsatisfied with their physical appearance to take back their physical life and be happy with who they are and how they look.

They’re helping Dads who have let their physical bodies deteriorate while they work relentless hours without taking time to exercise.

The stories I’m hearing from people who are throwing away pain medications, digestive medications, and taking control of their physical life is nothing short of inspiring.

And the part of the product I’m most interested in is continually being developed to help athletes perform at their highest ability.

The Revenue

I’d be disingenuous if I didn’t share the financial part of the company we are involved with.

Working in student ministry, we are always looking for additional income to help pay the mortgage, provide additional funds to go on vacation, or just have some disposable income to provide memories for our kids.

Xyngular has given us an outlet to be bi-vocational.  They are helping us be healthy, coach others to take back their own physical dimension, and as we reach out and help, they’re providing us with a way to fund our BIG FAMILY!

If you’re interested in hearing more about what we’re doing, you can contact see Jamie’s personal Xyngular Web-page at  Or you can email


We would love to help you reach your physical goals.  If you would like to take back your body, increase your energy, and feel good about yourself when you do whatever you want to do, my wife is a MASTER of putting together intentional plans to help you meet your goals.  We are helping young professionals, mid-life adults, and athletes with their personal physical goals.

But even more importantly:

Whether you contact us to help you re-learn fitness, or you decide another method to take back your own health, be sure you’re paying attention to your physical dimension of life.

We all have been given this gift of life, and we have a duty to take care of our physical bodies.

I’m excited to continue seeing fitness results while working with a company focused on the Whole Human Way of Thinking.

Thanks Xyngular!

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  1. GO ANDY AND JAMIE GO………..!!! Every dimension impacts the others. A splendid testimonial to just that. Proud of you two…to the max!!!

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