2014 KIVU Staff

For the last 14 years, I’ve had the sacred privilege of raising a small portion of today’s leaders.  At our summer facility near Durango Colorado, KIVU has proved it’s worth with over 12,000 High School Students accompanied by nearly 1500 University Staff Members.  Last Friday, we welcomed the new members of the KIVU family to the table of Leadership Development; and I couldn’t be more excited for them.


KIVU leadership training

The Mission for the next 10 days is simple:

Encourage Today’s University Staff to Serve Well

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in summer camping or the latest technology company, employees make or break the business.  The culture of a company is vitally important to the product, thus directly correlating to the over all success.  I know, business leaders are always telling me, “you can teach the technical skills, but good people are hard to find.”  We’ve been blessed beyond measure here in 2014.  We have nearly 100 Quality University staff members who are learning what it means to see the business beyond their personal needs.

They’re learning what it means to take pride in their work environment.
They’re working together developing strong personal relationships that serve well when conflict arises.
They’re developing the goals they intend to see come to fruition over the course of the summer.
They’re learning the skill set it takes to provide a Best in Class experience for our clientele.


KIVU Staff


Working on Strong Interpersonal Development

Summer camp might seem like one of “those” jobs you have to get while you’re in college to put on a resume, and we agree.  It’s important to discover summer opportunities that will help develop a person in a healthy way.

We take pride in making sure our staff is taken care of in a whole way.

Many companies train their people to “do” a certain job.  Here at KIVU, we strive to teach our staff to “be” the job.  We want them to explore the ways they can grow individually so they can add interesting character to the overall whole of the company.  Today we began by helping students develop a core belief system that will become the DNA of their face to the world.  We want them to explore what it means to discover their skill set, understand what it means to work in close quarters with others who have specific personal needs, and to learn what it means to meet those needs on a day-to-day basis.

We can’t simply ACT like we’re having fun, we have to work internally on the needs each student has in order that meeting our High School students on their turf is natural, not forced.

The Pine River


Teach what it means to maintain a High Quality Program

Excellence doesn’t just happen, it’s a pro-active choice.  We can’t simply wake up one day and expect to see people taking pride in their facility, or work as if they want to see excellence.  Character is something modeled.  Our highly motivated leadership program helps our University staff embody the tenet of excellence in everything they do.  Whether we’re preparing the facility or planning a new program, we want to help our staff understand no matter where they are Excellent work is expected.

And when we’re finished with the training, we find a group of people who barely knew each other gel into a single unit focussed on providing the Best in Class outdoor adventure for High School Students from around the world.  The crazy part of this training is the preparation for summer is a building block for whatever profession our students go and try to achieve in life.  Companies from around the world hire KIVU staff for their dedication to excellence, their need to continually be people intentional on self growth and development, and their incredible work ethic.

If you’re in the Durango Colorado area, I invite you to come and see what’s going on.

Preparing University Students for a lifetime of professional work is just one facet of what we do here at KIVU.

Let me know what you think

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