PodcastPodcasting is a great way to listen to your favorite authors, speakers, or even your friends who are creating interesting content.  Most Churches have some sort of "casting" that allows their congregations to participate in the message they feel called to sharing with the world.  

I tried podcasting a few years ago, and it was just not in the cards.  The amount of time and energy to get a podcast up and running is pretty immense, but with careful thought and consideration, I've been encouraged to start it back up.  

So today..yes today…I'll be working on getting the podcasts back up and running.  The theme of the podcasts will be centered around current Worldivew thinking, re-defining the word Worldview as it relates to cultural events, and of course our Teenage environment.  I'll try and keep it fresh and new as I review books, movies, educational opportunities, and most importantly how we can see those through the lens of following Jesus.  


Here's the deal.  As many have asked for a podcast, I just need you to help me get the word out.  If you like what's going on here at andybraner.com, don't be afraid to share it with your friends on whatever social media outlet you use most often.  If it's facebook, share it with your friends.  If it's twitter, help me by re-tweeting the podcast to your network.  And as always, there's a way you can feed the podcast directly into your mobile device by subscribing through iTunes.  

If you have any suggestions for shows…
If you have any questions for me…
If you want to be on the podcast…
Or, if you just want to give a shout out by recording your own message…

Feel free to comment below, and we'll crank up the podcasting here at http://www.andybraner.com.  

Thanks for pushing me back to the middle.  I'm excited to see where this is going to go.  

Podcast 1.2013


Let me know what you think

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