484104_226021494186661_237986807_n"Andy, What is the greatest problem in Teenage Culture today?"  My publisher asked me one day while we were talking about future projects.  

I didn't miss a beat.  "Well, that's easy!  The biggest problem in the teen world today is….They're all Alone."

And there was silence on the end of the line.  

"There's something monumental going on here.  You see, this is the first generation that doesn't know a world without Facebook.  Google is a word they use every day, instead of referring to a number like we did in my school days.  Texting is preferred over talking on the phone, and Skype connects us over thousands of miles instantly.  So, you'd think we're a more connected society than ever before, right?  WRONG!"

I went on to ask…

How many Facebook friends do you reall know?  I mean really!  Just go through your Facbook friend line up and start deleting all the people on the list who you would ignore if you knew they were calling you right now.  

How many Twitter followers do you know?  How many do you think really know you?  Ahhh, now we've bridged the gap between a teenage problem to a larger issues.  With 900 Million people using Facebook as their social network, it's no surprise it's affected us.  It's actually changed the way we talk about friends, likes, and how we talk online.  

It doesn't mean Facebook is bad, or wrong; in fact I think it's one of the greatest inventions of all time.  I think it's helped us connect to people we haven't seen for a long time, helped organzie events, or even galvanize groups of people to stay on point with one objective.  But what of really knowing?  

Who do you REALLY know? 
Who REALLY knows you?
Who do you call when you're excited to celebrate, because you'll know they will celebrate with you?
Who do you call when you need to mourn, and you can trust someone to understand you at the core?

I wrote this book to help teens, but I think it's such a great issue, it will resonate with people in several demographics.  

Alone will help highlight a Spiritual Origin where God created us to be together, to enjoy each other, and to fight off the jealousy that often gets in the way of loving one another. It will give several suggestions to help develop connected relationship, and I think if implemented, will help youth groups understand how to grow a thriving core of youth leaders.  

Once you understand how to lift loneliness from the people in your sphere of influence, the true adventure of a lifetime begins.  Living and Loving together is one of the core pieces of Jesus' abundant life he came to give in John 10.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed.   

Check this out.  1 Min. of ALONE


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