Happy Father's day to all the dads in the world!  You guys are the one's holding it all together!  In a world where the modern day dad is being relegated to just another person in the home, Dads; this one's for you!

You give us strength of purpose.
You help us know how to do stuff.
You challenge us to be better people.
You give us a sense of stability in a world spinning out of control.
You hold us up on your shoulders when we win.
You sit on the bed when we loose.
You always try to cheer us up.
You work diligently to provide.
You've helped to mentor us through life.
You taught us how to drive, fix a flat, and find stuff.
You built the furniture we use, and work around the house to make things work well.
You point to a brighter future.
You sacrifice for us.

Thanks to all the Fathers out there doing it right. 

Today is yours!

Let me know what you think

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