Where have all the men gone? 

William Wallace, Maximus Aerillias, John Wayne, and the men who told us it was good to stand and fight for what we believe in? 

Our culture today is suffering from a gender confusion.

It's not that we lack the ability to identify a man from a woman, in most cases, but rather; what is the role of today's man in society?  What is a man supposed to look like?  And…how does he respond to the pressures of responsibility?

It's not unusual today to find a male who lives at home, addicted to video games, runs to Vegas with his 'wolf pack,' and lives life for every instant gratification he can find. 

Where are the men who will stand up and cry from the mountaintops, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?"

Where are the men who might lead a social revolution and declare from the steps of the Capital, "I have a dream."

Where are the men who will look tyranny in the eye for exactly what it is and push back until the enemy falls into the black hole?


Where are the men who will be the first on the battle field, or the last off?


Recently there was a Wall Street Journal Article describing this very phenomenon.  I think you'll find it interesting.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

Today's description of a man is someone who dresses in high fashion, eats sushi for lunch, wears low cut V-neck t-shirts and works on his or her screen play at the local coffee shop.  Hear me say, I don't doubt they are male, but where are the men?

Where are the men who know what battle looks like?

Where are the men who understand the heart of a warrior?

Where are the men more interested in integrity and honor than self preservation?

Where are the men who stand in the way of evil to make sure rightness prevails?

I thought I was just being hard on the next generation, but after reading the Wall Street Journal article, I wondered, "Maybe I'm not that far off."

What do you think?

Has the identity of a man changed in the last twenty years?  What do you think?  Good or bad?

I'd love to hear what you're finding. 






  1. I totally agree with you… The idea of what a man is totally confused these days. They think Jersey Shore or something like the Kardashians, or something you said in your blog.. It is not what I think of what a man should be…very far off. A man for me would be a retired veteran, Sgm with a Masters Degree.. and so on. Which is what I married. There are other ideas of what I think of as a man but nothing to what i see on Tv these days…
    I love your blog.. It’s great.

  2. I find it ironic that the first comment to your challenge of what a man is was not a male.
    That being said I am going to throw some thoughts in the pot and stir a bit.
    Being 26, single, and waiting to start my new career I feel like I fit perfectly into where these articles point. That bothers me.
    Over the past couple of months while wait to move to Austin to start working for IBM I have really wondering about the subject of manhood and how I compare to my father’s generation and my grandfathers generation.
    At 26, it means I am four and five years older, respectively, than my father and grandfather when they were married. What bothers me is not the difference in age but what we have accomplished.
    At 26, I am starting a career.
    At 22, my father had been working, got married and was still 2 years from having his first son.
    At 21, my grandfather had been a marine in the second great war, married his sweet heart and had been established as a successful oil-man.
    It is not what the men dress like today that has me concerned, but how we act in relation to our forefathers.
    For me, the question is “What would be expected of a man of 26 in the (fill in the blank era)?”
    Sadly, today the answer is “not much.”
    This is something that has been bothering me and I am taking actions to change this answer.

  3. Andy…having been with you this past week at KIVU…I know you to be one of those men whose very life answers those questions you are asking. For that…for you…I do thank our God…for the man He is making of you!!!

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