I sent the river crew down the Animas River yesterday with a go-pro camera, and got a plethora of GREAT river pictures. You can see each member of this raft with different goals in mind as they look down the river.  Some are looking forward.  Some are wondering what's coming.  Some are just having fun along the way.  And then…


BAM…in the middle of the river wave!

Out here at Camp KIVU we have some of the greatest Colorado style adventures available at our disposal.  Mt. Biking, Rafting, Rock Climbing, Fishing, and Lake Activities provide a best in class outdoor adventure.  But the best part is, we can sit down after the thrill and we can use the events as experiential education. 

Imagine all the lessons you can teach someone about life from rafting down a river in the middle of the run off season? 

When in your life do you expect the storms to come?
What gifts and interests has God given you?
How can you work together as a team?
What can we do better to support each other through the rapids of life?

You see?

Every opportunity we're afforded, we try and use to help students grow.  It's experiential education at its finest.  And the beauty part is, we can do it all in the context of God's creation. 

The staff is out here now working on getting ready for students, and we're so excited to experience life together. 

Hope you can join us?

If you're looking for a summer adventure, be sure to check us out at for registration details. 


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