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One of the topics I write about in my new book Expose on Teen Sex and Dating, is the Sovereignty of God concerning Dating.  

In my research, I found so many relationships gone wrong simply because people were rushing into dating scenarios without being ready.  Many of the girls were wondering if there would EVER be someone for them.  The guys were out looking for someone to hook up with, and FAST. 

It caused me to wonder, Have we talked with our teenagers about what it means to develop a meaningful relationship?

I talked with one of the students interviewed, and I heard about how the attitude of dating in his school was quite frankly a "hook up culture."  They had no reason to 'date' in the traditional sense, but rather; the culture had given up to just meeting up at various locations and times to pursue a physical pleasure. 

It's almost like they were so afraid of being alone, they had to fill the void of loneliness with sexual encounters.  Which led me to think about a more comprehensive approach to dating and relationships.  I wonder if we don't trust God's Sovereignty, and then we just scour the world for something that can give us foundational trust. 

Of course a short hook up session isn't going to produce any kind of confidence or trust, but it may fill a void momentarily, or at least on the front end of the decision, but then when it's over we go right back to the lonely feeling we felt before. 

I'm just thinking about how we can engage in this conversation with our teenagers. 

I had a few students yesterday out here at our place in Colorado.  I was talking about integrity, trust, and God's will for our lives.  The topic started the conversation, but the conversation rolled for almost an hour. 

I listened as I heard a conflict between knowing God and REALLY KNOWING He's going to be there.  It's almost as if students don't buy it.  They don't think God is REALLY going to come through.  They don't believe He's really got their best interest in mind.  They're looking for something real, something tangible, something to instantly gratify the desires of their heart.

We've got a lot of work to do!  These kids are a cross section of 'Christian' homes.  I wonder what it looks like when you fill the mix with people that don't believe in anything? 

In any event, the conversation is necessary.  If you'd like to start talking with your teenagers, or teens you work with, don't hesitate to click over to and check out the new book. 


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