Yesterday, my kids came to me and wanted to negotiate. You know how that works?
Dad, if I do this, will you let me do that?

Sometimes the negotiations can really wear a parent down, you know what I mean?

The subject matter at hand, basically they tried a couple of people out to be their babysitter for the week out here at camp. One of the guys is an old friend of mine, and I trust him implicitly. The other I don’t know as well, but what I do know, he’s a quality guy.

One disciplines.
One let’s some things slide.
One likes to draw.
One likes sports more.

The point is, we have two different people hired for the job, and it was time for the kids to take the bull by the horns and negotiate who they wanted to spend time with for the next two weeks.

One of them came with three solid points for his favorite, and the others had their points. They pressed their issue until it was time for the meeting to come to an end when I asked, “how did the meeting go.” To which one touted “terrible!” as he shook his head and walked away, because he didn’t think he would get his choice.

Aren’t kids so funny?

They learned somewhere to dress up for business meetings, negotiate like a business leader, and intuitively know when it was going their way or not.

I wonder if we picked up on Loving God as the Bible commands, would we ever get to a point we could imitate His love to the world?

Maybe we need to spend a little more time seeing Gods method of working in the world so we can be more like Him today.

Paul says “imitate me as I imitate Christ.”

Just like the kids became the grand negotiators last night, my hope is…I can become more like Jesus today.

When children take over their destiny

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