So much has been made of blue states and red states these days…

The political sphere is heating up, and there are pundits arguing for who will represent their particular color well, and who might take the winning lap around the innagural victory lap. 

I wonder, instead of blue or red, when will we see purple?

When you get right down to it, the United States is really governed by two parties that really think similar in nature. 

Both parties ramp up the deficit.
Both parties have moral issues.
Both parties are guilty of the sins the other accuses. 
Both parties have serious issues with health care.
Both parties look for their one line sound bytes to grab political points in the system.
Both are pretty much failure. 

It's the men and women who serve the country.  Those are the one's I believe in. 

My grand father in law served to teach hand to hand combat.
My uncle drove a tank in World War II.
My great uncle, on my wife's side, flew airplanes and gave his life in the armed service.
My room mate in college served in the Navy.
And one of my best friends from high school is a general surgeon in the Army Special Forces. 

Those are the heroes of the country. 

They're the ones that shine the American Spirit around the world. 

They've chosen to serve, not to be served. 

They give their lives so others might live. 

Today on this memorial day, I think it high time we take the air out of the political conversation, and move toward an attitude of service, like those in the armed forces.

For those that have given their lives, I see purple.
For those that risk their futures, I see purple.
For those that have families waiting in the wings, wondering if they'll be home, I'm hopeful for a country that can unite under purple states, rather than the violent discourse going on today. 

Today is your day.  And we honor you to the fullest!

Let me know what you think

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