Speaking of Jesus

I met Carl Medearis about 5 years ago out at our summer camp in Durango Colorado.  He showed up with some friends of mine, all of whom told me, "You gotta know this guy."  And they were right. 

When Carl and I sat at the dinner table one evening, it seemed like hours passed like minutes.  We talked about evangelism, the middle east, terrorism, and how God looks at the world we live in.  Carl has an interesting way of drawing people into the conversation about Jesus and what He means to our lives. 

His recent book, Speaking of Jesus, outlines some of that conversation. 

From wondering what the word Christian means around the world to simplifying our evangelistic message, Carl gives readers a real time look at what it means to talk to your friends about Jesus. From a guy who grew up in a strict evangelical home, I find the whispers of freedom unlocking some of the legalistic chains that sometimes turn our faith into a load of works rather than a mountain of faith. 

I encourage you to click on the book above, and order your copy today.  It will challenge your view of how to talk about Jesus.  It will help relieve you of the rules of evangelism.  And it might even push you further in your own journey of understanding Jesus' whole message of Loving God and Loving Others. 

You might not agree with everything Carl says, but you'll be challenged to think about how you're living your life with Jesus today. 

Thanks Carl.  Great words for us today!

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  1. Hey…have read this book. Excellent! Encourage others to get it, read it, digest it, and do a creatively good job of understanding where you agree with what Carl writes…and where not. It stimulates important conversation in all the right places…IF…we claim to be followers of Jesus. Must reading for those I mentor…and speaking of that…see you next Saturday!!!

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