We had a great time @Camp KIVU this week.  There was a great group of teenagers from Phoenix out here for their senior trip, and we had a blast.  Not only was the weather incredible, the students were fantastic, the KIVU staff came together and served like the KIVU of old. 

Last night we had a session for the students to just tell their friends how much they meant to each other for the last 4 years of college.  At times it was pretty silly, "We'll be best friends forever…" We all know how that goes after high school, right?  But they'll learn.

Then a normal looking teenage senior walked the stage with a microphone in hand…

"I don't know if you guys know this, but I struggle with self hatred.  I hate everything about myself.  When I came to school I was scared, because I thought you guys would hate me too.  I would go home after school during my Freshman year and just feel so ALONE.  But you guys accepted me, you ate lunch with me, and you made me feel like I matter."

I sat in the back of the room, with tears whelling up in my eyes, "I know this is where you are" I thought to myself.

THE issue in the teenage world today is the feeling of being Alone.  They walk through the hallways of high school looking for someone, anyone to reach out and accept them.  It's a constant battle of the mind to find someone who can walk through life WITH you. 

And the crazy part about it, they're all feeling the same way!

It's almost like the enemy has so successfully convinced teenagers they are the only one's alone, it's now some big secret.  Almost as if anyone who admits it is a looser or something.  But the irony…THEY ALL FEEL ALONE!

I believe one of the most powerful places on earth you can begin to dissect this lonely feeling is when you disconnect from all distractions.  You have to put away the iPhone for a while.  You've got to take a break from Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. 

Reach out and connect with someone today.  I know for the last three days, I watched i-Addicts from Phoenix put down the electronics, look each other in the eye, and have FUN!




  1. I do know how that he feels. I was like that too, back in high school. I got my own circle of friends. But I never felt like I was with them at all. Even though they surrounded me, I felt alone. And thus, my blogging life began where I felt like I was wanted, needed and cared for thanks to my readers and their comments.
    But then I got away with it. I didn’t know how. Most probably because I was exposed to the university life and we were all so open about anything that admitting you’re lonely doesn’t really matter is not a really big deal. because it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who felt like that. 🙂 I wasn’t alone.
    I really love this post of yours, and maybe will continue reading your future posts. I’m actually a Catholic who became an Atheist and is now on her way to being a Christian. I started attending College Fellowship and the Church not so long ago. 🙂

  2. Yeah so… I did a videoblog some time back about Loneliness in the Life of Jesus (

    This gets more feed back than any of my videos. It is kinda crazy… It has confirmed to me that people are intensely lonely!

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