Going to church this morning?

You might be surprised what researchers are finding about the way technology effects the brain.

According to a recent documentary from the BBC, neuro-scientists have performed MRI imaging on the brain of an Apple fan receiving a new gadget as compares to the brain activity of someone worshipping God.  Guess what?  The same parts of the brain are ignited in the MRI results. 

A Casual Observer doesn't need an MRI machine

Apple fans wait in line for the doors to open.
Apple fans work themselves in a worship like frenzy as new revelations come from their new products.
Apple fans give enormous amounts of money to their "church.'
And, Apple fans go to great lengths to show their dedication.  Tattoos, stickers, even arguments with "non-believers," prove to be a part of the lifestyle. 

Look, I'm an Apple fan, but you have to admit, there are some who are just downright over the top religious about the ordeal. 

It reminds me of when God told Moses, "thou shalt have no other gods before me." (Exodus 20:3)

Ok, it's silly to think there are gods that dictate our lives like technology, right?

Or is it silly?

How many of us rely on technology everyday to provide some sort of self awareness?
How many of us find technology the comfort blanket we need to make us feel ok?
How many of us go to technology for the first thing every morning?
How many of us shutter at the thought of doing without our cell phone, iPad, or personal computer?

Maybe it is a Religion.
Maybe there is a component of "god" like quality.
Maybe we need to take a Sunday and put the technology away, and see what it's like to be human again. 

In the meantime, as cool as Apple is; it certainly isn't responsible for the creation of the universe. 

Have a great Sunday.
Make sure you take some time to reflect on God's blessing in our lives today. 

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