It’s been a two year project.  I traveled the country talking with thousands of teenagers to dial in what’s really going on in the dating lives of today’s teens. 

With the help of my new friends at NavPress, and the students I worked with, we compiled an Expose for parents and youth leaders to know what’s going on, how to talk about it, and how to guide students to a healthy view of dating. 

Just announced today….

Thanks to Amazon, NavPress, and a load of people who believe in the mission of training teenagers; If you read by KINDLE, you can download the book for FREE.  That’s right.  Just click on the book and download the whole book for free today!!  FREE!  FREE!  FREE!


I don’t know how long this promotional day will last as we’re setting a goal for 100K downloads.  That’s right, we want to see if we can give away this book to 100K people. 

That means 100K people will be able to talk to their teens about dating.
100K people will know what’s going on in the hallways of the high school.
100K people will get a FREE resource to help them work with teens.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the link.
Download the book.
Re-Tweet it, put it on your facebook wall, and let’s get this information out TODAY!

If you need to see the trailer…here you go.

Let me know what you think

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