It's Out TODAY!! 

Over two years of research.

Months of editing.

A  Wonderful Relationship with NavPress.

It's HERE!!!

Secrets, Lies, and Hooking Up is a book that will Expose the Dating lives of today's teens to those who need to know: mainly parents and youth leaders. 

The culture of today's teen dating reality is disturbing, and needs to be addressed quickly. 

Sure, a lot of leaders are willing to talk about Biblical Relationships, but EXPOSE will let you know what's really going on in the hallways of the high schools here in America, and how you can begin to talk about it with the teenagers you work with. 

It's a great book for small group leader discussions.
It's a great book for communities of parents who want to unite together and help their teenagers date well.
It's a great book for teens to think about the consequences of their relationships going forward.

You'll be entertained with funny stories.
You'll be shocked, as I was, when you hear how far kids have gone.
You'll see quickly why relationships have gone the way they have>

And hopefully, you'll get some great questions, and techniques, to begin teen conversations about dating and sexuality in the lives of teenagers and young adults.

Of course, I'm biased!

We've also created an iPhone/iPad application for a blog concerning these issues as they come up. (type in Andy Braner into your search bar in the App Store)
We've produced a video trailer to show your pastor, school administrator, parents, or youth worker.  http://vimeo.com/22300728 
We have a website where you can go and download a free guide to the book. http://exposeonteendatingbook.com/Expose/Home.

Or…you can just go over to NavPress, and place your order today.  http://www.navpress.com/product/9781615219230/An-Expose-on-Teen-Sex-and-Dating-Andy

We're starting to schedule a book tour for the fall school season, and if you'd like to schedule Andy to come to your church, your youth group, or your city, feel free to contact jamiejo@campkivu.com for more information. 

This is a necessary resource for anyone who is dealing with youth and their dating lives. 

But again…I'm pretty biased. 

Happy Reading!


Download Video as MP4


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