This weekend I flew to Oklahoma City for a marriage ceremony.  Nate Friend and Kelsey McGinty were married on a beautiful spring evening at a wonderful outdoor venue.  It was incredible.  Everything Nate and Kelsey dreamed for.  What a night!

As I was sitting listening to the ceremony, I took a look around and saw an incredible number of past  KIVU campers, staff, and employees.  It was such a blessing to see teenagers, college students, and now grown adults; travel the country to celebrate the day with Nate and Kelsey. 

One thing struck me in the middle of the ceremony.  With all the programs, all the headaches, all the permits, all the equipment, and everything that goes into running KIVU here in Colorado; there have been a number of people grow up here. 

Over the last 10 years, we've celebrated numerous weddings together, many of which were culminated right here on the grounds of KIVU.  Men who met their wives here under the influence of Godly teaching and counsel are now meeting the world head on. 

We've wept together when tragedy strikes. 
We support each other when issues arise.
We pray for one another when life gets tough.
We help each other look for employment, navigate life issues, or just work out problems life throws at us. 


No matter what comes of the problems in the world, I sat back in my chair and just soaked up the fact so many people have found direction here.  So many people found life here.  So many people got right with God here.  So many people learned how to serve, how to live, and how to love here outside my office door. 

What an unbelievable life God has given me to live to this point.  The fact He allowed me to be a part of so much is a humbling, even overwhelming, experience. 

Sure, we're not perfect.
We don't have life all figured out.
We have fights in the mix.
We try and see the best in one another.

But overall, the KIVU family is one that will travel the country to raise a glass when a friend is having the day of his life. 

One Twitter I saw after the wedding, "Can we all just go back to last night and be together forever?  Best night ever!"  And she was right.  It was truly one of the best nights of KIVU for me in a long time. 

So here's a BIG FAT THANKS!

Thanks you guys.

Thanks for letting me be a small part of your life as you grow up.  It's an honor, a pleasure, and a wonderful thing to live life with you!


If you haven't experienced a family like that.
If you feel like you're walking through life alone.
If you long for a community of people who are going to have a BLAST in life, and give you a place where you'll find peace.

Feel free to come and join us. 

The family is always looking for more imperfect people to join as we travel this long journey called life. 


Let me know what you think

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