Gap YEar Small

Still wondering what your'e doing next semester?
Didn't get accepted to the school you're looking for?
Want to beef up your application for next year?

We've got a plan for you!!!

  • Live in Urban City Denver for the Fall Semester
  • Intern with Professionals in your desired field of study
  • Climb Mountains in South America
  • Live in Africa for two Months
  • Climb Kilimanjaro
  • Live in Southeast Asian countries for two months
  • Develop a life's thesis you'll be able to use
  • Impress your college with a year spent working on your mind, body, and soul

All that at the KIVU Gap year.

The 2011 students just got back from the Philippines, and have tons of stories of internships and circling the globe in just one year. 

Check out these pictures below. 


Students playing with Kids in Rwandan Village

Coffee Farmers Biking Goods to Market

Kili gap year
Students Climb Kilimanjaro

  KIVU Gap Year 3
Students participate in a pre-school graduation in the Philippines

KIVU Gap Year Denver
Learning about urban Denver Downtown by the river

KIVU Gap Year
Living in Africa means FUN with Kids!

So what are you waiting for.  Come join us for The Adventure of a Lifetime!

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