What an incredible voice!!

I've known Ms. Sparks for a long time, and I've watched from afar as she's turned into quite an incredilbe artist.  My first encounter with Jordin was when she was an 11 year old standing on the fire place hearth singing at Grandma's house.I'll never forget the moment she opened her mouth, my jaw dropped.  I'd never hear vocals like that before. 

Here dad leaned over to me shaking his head, "Yep, that's my girl!"

I watched as her mother and grandmother devoted thousands of hours to get Jordin to the place where she could sing on the national stage.  Heroes in their own right, they single handedly mentored Ms. Sparks to the place she is today. 

She came out to Camp KIVU as a teenager, and grew up FAST. I remember the boys' heads turning when she sang for us, or just laughed outloud together. 

We watched with pride as she won American Idol as the youngest singer EVER.  We've downloaded all the albums, songs, and even try to make it to the shows when she's close.

Well, now she's at it again. 

Check out Ms. Sparks new music blog by Clicking Here.

You can preview some songs, read the latest interviews, and get ready for the new Jordin Sparks album coming soon!

I'm way proud of you girl!!  Keep going.  Keep doing what God designed you to do. 

We're pulling for you.

We're praying for you.

Our hope is, God continues to mold you and craft you into the Woman He wants you to be!!

Let me know what you think

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