I love working with College Students.  Sure, teenagers are the group I'm most familiar with, but when I go to the college campus, I see such a great openness to the gospel.  Students are trying to figure out who they are, what they want to be going forward, and how they can implement their belief system into life. 

I was at Oberlin College last week.  It's just outside Cleveland Ohio, and I've made some great friends there.  Oberlin is most notable for the music conservatory which ranks somewhere in the top 5 music schools in the country. 

I was amazed at the talent being produced.  These kids are serious about their music, and they practice ALL THE TIME!!

Oberlin also boasts of a great depth of intellect.  The students are thinking about serious matters in life, and it's a great place to start helping them think about the gospel.  They're wary of the "tricks" some Christians try to use to strong arm them in the faith, and they're great thinkers. 

I was with the Inter Varsity group on the campus.  I did an hour seminar on why we think the way we do, and how we can implement our belief systems in real life.  It was incredible!!  I loved the questions.  I loved the interaction.  I loved the seriousness they have for spiritual matters. 

After it the seminar was over, I went out to a local mexican food joint where students hang out, and I just started asking questions.  What's it like living on campus?  What is it like dating here on campus?  What's it like when you share your faith on campus?  And the answers I heard were overwhelming.  It made my heart long to be there to help. 

Who knows, maybe someday, I'll be called to a college to work with students. 

But for now, I'm back home in Colorado, gearing up for the greatest summer camp season we will offer. 

Thanks Oberlin College. 
Thanks Inter Varsity.
Thanks to the students who brought me out.
Thanks to the church who is sponsoring the program.
Thanks to the wonderful people who hosted me in their home.

I'm thankful, and look forward to working with more college students in the future. 


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