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If you're still wondering whether a Gap Year is for you or not, just take a look at the latest commentary from John Hrabe titled, "Harvard University or Community College.  Why the choice isn't as crazy as it sounds." 

The debate rages on as Harvard will charge "$34,000 this semester compared to a community college that will charge 34 times less." 

Students talk about the teachers at community colleges being experts in their fields, while others who attend the name brand schools are subject to teaching aids, teaching assistants, and graduate level fill ins. 

Look, I'm not trying to knock off the name brand schools.  The research and development coming from High Level Universities is unparallelled around the world.  But let's be honest, undergraduate students around the country are being saddled with un payable debt, jobs that will never give them the ability to pay off the debt, all for a piece of paper with a name on the top of a diploma. 

But what if there was an option? 

What if there was a place where High School graduates could intern for urban professionals, teach English to African School children, develop business plans for real time entrepreneurs, or live in south east asia to help a global NGO with micro-finance, health programs, education programs, and farming life skills?

There is a place just like that.

It's called the KIVU Gap Year. 

The KIVU gap year was established to give high school graduates a real time comprehensive worldview, while interning in real life vocational programs.  They travel the world starting from Colorado, then moving on to South America, Africa, and finishing up in the Philippines. 

Our first year's class is about ready to come home and graduate. 

Check them out at

Or just go to the facebook page at




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