The stats on Divorce among American families is always a little shady.  I've heard experts talk about a 60% divorce rate, and 50% of Christian Families divorce, but there are so many variables I don't know who to listen to any more. 

But really….

Let's be honest….

The fact divorce rates are anywhere near where the experts claim is disturbing. 

It's a disturbing trend when families are broken up because of internal conflict, external conflict, or whatever reason; and believe me, I get it. 

I get the reason why someone feels betrayed, they think its time to go.
When I hear my buddies struggling with marriage and the commitment it takes, I get it. 
I get it when I hear of the abuse that is happening in the home. 
When I hear about the constant drug obsessions, I get it. 

Marriage isn't easy.
It takes a lot of intentional time and energy to make a relationship work.  I get it!

But it doesn't make it right.

I just spent some time talking with teenagers about loving God and loving others.  The stories they would come and share about the pain they feel as their parents are divorcing would make your heart break.  They feel like it's their fault.  They feel like one side of the family doesn't like the other.  They feel  like they are being used as a weapon in the war between mom and dad.  It's just really sad!

Look, I'm not hear to write about the do's and don'ts of divorce.  I'm not trying to make a moral stance in this article.  I'm just wanting to let you know Divorce is Still Killing our Kids. 

It might seem like when you're out of love, a divorce will just effect you.
It might seem on the outside when there are issues coming from a normal marriage that are hard, it might be time to split up, and it won't hurt anyone. 

But you couldn't be more deceived. 

No matter the reason.
No matter the timing.
No matter how much you think you can insulate the damage.

Teens are struggling as their parents are getting divorced. 

It's leading to depression.
It's leading to early sexual activity.
It's leading to violence.
And most of all, it's leading to the idea they are walking through life all alone, and no body cares. 

Let me encourage you…

Before you think about ending the marriage God gave you, consider the damage.  It's going to be wide, and it's going to run deep in the lives of ALL the family members. 

Won't it be awesome one day, when this word Divorce will be eradicated from the earth, and God will reign….

Until then….

Let me know what you think

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