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Thinking about the price of college? Worrying about the the preparation to get into the right school? Wondering if you or your student is ready for the intense pressures of higher learning?  Look no further, the KIVU Gap year is set up for you. 

We have a place where students can engage in different cultures, travel to high end global destinations, and work with some of the most influential NGO organizations in the world. 

Recently, USA Today reported a study where students were tested entering  college with a standardized exam.  They re-tested them with the same exam 2 years later, and guess what?  The scores were nearly the same. 

The study coined the phrase, "College is a 4 year party, with $100K cover charge."  And how true is that?

You can look at the results. 
Do a cost benefit analysis of the debt most students are carrying from the graduation day of the University.  They don't know what they want to do.  They're burned out from the last 16 years of education.  They've scarcely seen the 'rest' of the world.  They need some time. 

So if you're student is graduation High School this year I'd propose to take a year away from school, and breath a bit.  The KIVU gap year

  • Starts in Denver Colorado and partners with Mile High Ministries
  • Travels to South America
  • Moves to Rwanda to work with orphans, widows, and local businessmen and get an African perspective
  • Travels to Kilimanjaro
  • Moves to the Philippines to work with The International Care Ministries of the Philippines for a taste of Asia. 

KIVU Gap YearPhilip Gibson on the Africa Semester

We're working on a Durango Camping piece, a China orphan piece, and a re-entry to America that will cap off a year circumnavigating the globe learning about different people groups and developing a true sense of who they are. 

KIVU Gap Year 3 The Gap Year Team at a Pre-School Graduation in the Philippines

They need to be away from normal environment.
They need not be sitting in class.
They need to discover a bit about who they are.
They need to see the world for what it is, a large wide planet with different people groups. 

KIVU Gap Year 2 The Gap Year Team outside the Kids Across Africa Property

Even the Harvard Admissions department is quoted as saying, "Students taking a year off prior to Harvard are doing what students from the U.K. do with their so-called "gap year." Other countries have mandatory military service for varying periods of time. Regardless of why they took the year off or what they did, students are effusive in their praise. Many speak of their year away as a "life-altering" experience or a "turning point," and most feel that its full value can never be measured and will pay dividends the rest of their lives. Many come to college with new visions of their academic plans, their extracurricular pursuits, the intangibles they hoped to gain in college, and the career possibilities they observed in their year away. Virtually all would do it again."

KIVU Gap Year Denver The Kivu Gap Year learning in Downtown Denver

We have a chance to be on the cutting edge of experiential education, and we'd love for you to join us.  We've woven in options for college credit, and we've got pictures all over the web.  Check out the blogs from current students at  Or, you can creep on over to the facebook page at

We'd love for you to join us for this upcoming 2011-12 season.  We've only got a few spots left for the year. 

KIVU Gap Year Philippines The Gap Year Students taking a breat at El Nido in the Philippines


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