KIVU 2011 all starts tonight. 

Our summer camp programming staff is on their way to our place out here in Durango, and we're SUPER EXCITED. 

We're putting the finishing touches on the program for the summer, working on our strategy to continue connecting with teens in a 'best in class' type of way, and we're setting the tone. 

It's always fresh to see how God brings different teams together for the summertime season.  There's an interesting mixture of ingredients to make it work just right. 

You have to have…

Exciting Personalities
and they all have to cook in the same pot for just the right time. 

I'm excited about our team this year. 

There's still a few spots left for our 14 day adventure.  If you haven't signed up yet, be sure to check out, hit the registration button, and begin your process. 

I just found out American Airlines has a direct flight from Dallas to Durango this summer for around $150.00.  Travel has never been easier.  Come join us. 


Let me know what you think

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