As with many of these maniacal religious fanatics, Terry Jones did it.  He actually burned a Quran after holding a "trial of Islam" in the crazy church down in Florida. 

Yep, the same Terry Jones that promised the world he was calling off the Quran burning back in September, lit a fire and burned someone else's holy book. 

The burning wasn't covered by local news, but somehow whispers of the event made it back to Afghanistan like the radioactive Japanese clouds hitting California. And by that, I mean, Mr. Jones poses no real threat to Islam, the Middle East, or anyone even living in Florida for that matter.  But somehow, these crazies make the news?

I just don't get it.

In the Church's mock trial, Mr. Jones claims he had an expert Imam to present Islam's viability, and well; Islam lost. 


What a joke.

These people who claim to be God followers, which really can be reduced down to Jesus followers since Jesus claimed to be God, have no clue what it means to imitate Christ. 

The Roman civilization was full of gods and goddesses.  Did Jesus try an eradicate the pagans from the planet?  NOPE!  DId he get on the local news channels and try to argue his way into the hearts of mankind?  NOPE!  Was he consumed with the narcissistic tendency of a lot of these crazy pastors who are getting their 15 minutes of fame?  NOPE!  Jesus loved people. 

I can imagine Jesus walking with muslims today…

feeding muslims today…

healing muslims today…

and getting water for them to drink. 

I can imagine Jesus holding dinner parties for His muslim friends. 

I  can see a correlation between Jesus loving care for the Samaritan Woman, His Disciples, and the people who were sitting on the mountainside waiting to be ministered to.  We're all people in this thing called life, together. 

So to be even more frank,

How on God's green earth can someone claim to be following God with these silly tantric drama episodes designed to belittle, berate, and begrudge no matter who they are?

And this is where I must confess, I am weak.

Just like Mr. Jones has issues with Islam, I have issues with Mr. Jones and the people who misrepresent God's work here on earth.  It's easy for me to point fingers at people like Mr. Jones, while defending the innocent, but I too have to be careful not to belittle, berate, and begrudge in the name of right-ness. 

So, Mr. Jones of Florida, Mr. Phelps of Kansas, and all of you who are living a faith I don't understand; as much as I disagree with the way you're doing life, I must adhere to the fact Jesus loves you too.  And His heart and desire is for your return to the mission is as strong as the others…Love God, Love Others (Matthew 22:37-40)






  1. What a wonderful piece! I especially like where you talk about how Christ would treat Muslims if he where he today…
    Thank you!

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