Foutz v Rock (Quarterfinal)

Former KIVU camper David Johnson is doing big things!

The Kansas City Senior is accompanying his football team to Peru to help an organization build and maintain orphanages about 60 miles south of Lima. 

Coaches and students are realizing the impact they can have beyond the football fields as they give their lives away. 

According to the article in the Kansas City Examiner.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE

The orphanage is expected to house anywhere between 48-60 children at one time, with a nursery to meet the needs of babies. With over 600,000 children still in need of food and homes, the work is still far from finished. The Child Reach ministries and the Blue Springs High School football family are well aware of the work that still lie ahead, and look to continue their partnership for years to come.

The amazing story does not end there. When the senior football players have time to spare, they spend it playing soccer and other fun-filled games with the very children they are building the orphanage for. The coaches and players also document their daily activities and experiences in personal blogs they share with students, classmates and family back home.

It's another example of how teenagers today are cognitive of seeing the world through a selfless worldview.  If given the opportunity, I believe we can help encourage kids to do BIG THINGS in their community and around the world. 

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