It was only a year and a half ago the Tiger Woods story broke.  His extra marital affairs had him outcast from advertisers all over the golf world.  His game is still on the rocks, but his public persona might be gone…forever. 

Chris Brown attacked his former girlfriend, leaving bruises all over her body.  The public cried foul, and Brown is trying to make an uphill comeback.  His latest outrage on a major network t.v. news show continues to show the world his fuel for anger. 

A womanizer.
An Abusive Boyfriend.
And then…Charlie Sheen.

"I'm HIGH ON CHARLIE SHEEN!" He says as his eyes dart back and forth on the two week long interview diatribe. 

He parades around with strippers and acts as though he is immune from any public outcry. 
He's in dispute with former wives over child custody.
He's admitted to using recreational drugs as long as you do it responsibly. 


I've watched grown women start posting their own version of Sheen's Tiger Blood comments.  They've taken his party and made it their own.  What is going on here?

I was driving down the road yesterday, listening to the morning radio show, when the anchor interviewed a young woman applying to be Sheen's intern.  That's right, he put out a job offer and over 87K people responded, and now the job hunting is down to the top 50. 

The anchor asked, "Aren't you scared for your life?  Sheen has a history of spouse abuse, drug abuse, alcohol issues, and anger problems…"

"I think Charlie is just putting on a show.  I'm a HUGE fan, and I think it's all a stunt."


I guess I just don't get it. 

We live in a culture where the actions of some don't apply to the consequences with others. 

Look, I don't blame Sheen for doing what he's doing.  He's making an insane amount of money.  People throw themselves at him.  He doesn't have anyone around him willing to shoot him straight.  And he really thinks he's going to beat this deal. He thinks there will come a time when the media will bow to his bidding. 


I've been around people in similar situations, and something grabs control of humanity when excess is the norm.  When sexuality is an extra curricula activity, drug abuse is no longer the exception, and alcohol flows like honey; it's hard to look at the world through realistic glasses. 

It's like Jesus was right when he said, "It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Not that money is the issue, but rather; the use of money in one's life can lead to awful consequences.  It's like the ring Frodo carried through the Tolkien trilogy, it's always calling for us to do evil.  It takes a mature person to handle that kind of power. 

I feel sorry for Mr. Sheen.  The media outlets are making millions off his plight, and I wonder if anyone really cares what happens to Mr. Sheen. 

The Sex will end.
The Drugs will dry up, or kill him.
The alcohol will drive him crazy.
We've seen this story played out before, it's not new.  Just go YouTube E True Hollywood story.  They all end up the same. 

And let's be honest…all these things are simply veneer for what's really going on. 

I've worked with teenagers and people who are addicted for nearly 15 years.

Addiction is a messy game. 

My prayer for Mr. Sheen is that there would be someone…anyone…who can see through the games and care about his well being. 

Our culture just wants to watch this plane go down in flames….and the media will ride him till it's over.  Look what they did to Michael Jackson.  As Madonna put it on the day of Jackson's funeral, "We stole his childhood away." 

I for one will be praying Mr. Sheen runs into just the right community of people who will care for him today, and the days to come when he's not making the headlines. Maybe, instead of ostracizing Sheen, we should unite and have a call to prayer for him and his family.

May we see people for the real problems plaguing their soul.

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  1. I’ve had some fun laughing with my friends about Sheen. His name comes up in class. Everyone thinks it’s pretty funny. We’re not idolizing him; we’re laughing at him. I guess that’s wrong. Good post.

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