Outrage Monday set in as nationally religious leaders perused the proposed U.S. budget cuts for the upcoming year.  Food programs, Head Start Programs, Mosquito Nets, and other government assistance got the axe. 

Some say the cuts are too deep, and cross a moral line of what our country stands for, while others see the cuts as necessary evils to shore up the unsustainable U.S. deficit problems. 

So what are we to do?

While the energy lobbyists continue to milk the government for millions, the teachers unions demand a seat at the political table, and the pharmaceutical alliance is one of the most powerful lobbys in Washington, the poor are the one's who are suffering. 

Is it time for the church to step in?

Can you imagine what kind of movement might take place if God's people stood in the gap between the poor and the rich, and said, "We'll take care of them."  Think of the unity of community that would begin to happen all rallied around the central network of the church.  Can't imagine it?  Just look to the Middle East at the reforms happening among protesters who are standing up to the face of brutal dictatorships saying, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH."

The church is poised for some long term strategical moves, but it's going to take bold leadership.  It's going to require those who long for power and economic blessing to step off the platform of self, and look to the synergy of the community. 

It's going to take people who can see a long term investment in the lives of people is more important than the short term gains they might get in an offering plate. 

They might even have to re-focus the agenda from seeing how many people come down front on a Sunday morning, and begin quantifying  their work in terms of how many people did we feed this week?  How many got proper medical attention?  How many were educated this year?  How many can go to the marketplace now and give back to others?

Woah!  I've heard this all somewhere before.  Matthew 25.  Go check it out. 

Until then, let's pray for the role of the church here in the new world.  As governments begin to fail local communities, we have a wonderful opportunity to step in and be the light of the world God called us to be. 


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  1. Andy,
    Very provocative…I am in the hatchling stage of following God’s call to work to unite churches, to call them to a “unity of community” as you put in this article. Pray for Tulsa as we awaken to what this part of His Church, dare I say should, and could be.

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