Last week I was down in Willmington, North Carolina. 

I was a part of a youth program in the surrounding areas focusing on the unification of churches from urban, to suburban, rural, to all ends of the denominational spectrum. 

So, Friday we went to lunch before the Big Event, and something happened quite amazing. 

We were ordering the local food to have a "taste of North Carolina" when one of the guys at the table asked the waiter, "Hey man, what's your name?"

The waiter looked at my friend in disbelief, "Nick, my name is Nick."

"Thanks Nick.  We really appreciate your work here today."

The waiter walked off, and I thought nothing of it.

Five minutes later he walked back and said, "Thanks for asking my name."  I thought it was some sort of joke.  "Most of the time people just use me like a machine.  I get the water, order the food, bring the food, and most don't even look up from the table.  You guys made me feel like a human today."


I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. 

It was exactly what I've been theorizing for the last couple of years. 

We need moments like this. 
We need people to take an interest in who we are
We need not be a machine just producing lal the time.
We want to be known.
We need to be known.
We need to be human.
We have a name!

Nick showed me an important lesson last Friday. 

I need to be sure I take the time to recognize the humanity of others around me.
I need to know, even the smallest acts of kindness speak volumes to some people. 
I realize how busy I get, and how selfish I am.  I need to be aware, take initiative, and be intentional if I'm to Love Others like Jesus asks of me. 

So today, if you're in a restaurant, ask your waiter what their name is.  Thank them for the time they're working with you. Make someone in your world feel like a human today. 

Let me know what you think

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