I don't get it. 

The internet has given people the freedom to be down right mean spirited. 

Anybody can leave a comment, ON ANY BLOG or news story, and claim they are anonymous??


You can spew vile hurtful words at someone, no matter your intent? your truth? or your rightness? The blogs I've read this week with commentators claiming absolute truth, without having ANY OF THE FACTS THEY CLAIM TO KNOW FOR SURE IS ASTONISHING!!

We can't have a conversation?
We can't respect the opinions of others?

It's like we all went back to third grade and decided to hide behind the teacher's desk while hurling insults at people that couldn't defend themselves.  We think our opinions are the only truth.  "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words…words can be worse!"

I've watched the internet for last couple of weeks get down right UGLY. 

People throwing personal attacks against authors, bloggers, and people who are really trying to open the box of conversation, only to get slandered personally here on the net.

This week I've personally been called a "Closet Homosexual," "Teen Pervert," and "The Next Ted Haggard."  Really? Is that constructive? Or have we assumed too much freedom without any responsibility for our actions on the web.

Now that does a lot of good to help teens re-imagine the Christian Worldview, doesn't it.  (please read as much sarcasm in that statement as you wish.)

Look, I'm all for disagreement.  I thrive on it.  The Bible teaches it.  "As Iron Sharpens Iron, so One Man Sharpens Another." (Proverbs 27:17) It's ok to disagree with something I write or talk about, but let's do it with some civility. 

So, like I have to do every three months or so….


1.  If you'd like to engage in a conversation about faith, teen issues, and pop culture; WELCOME.  Leave your comment below the article that interests you, and let's see how many people think the same things.

2.  If you feel the need to disagree with something I write…WELCOME!!  I'm a big boy.  I can take it.  I love to get into good meaningful conversation. 

3.  If you believe in another religion, another lifestyle, another economic system, or another political view….WELCOME!! 


But please…if you're going to comment, leave your name and your web address. 

Cowardly, Spineless, Pot Stirrers, leave anonymous comments they know will hurt and degrade someone else. The internet has given everybody the "right" to an opinion, and for that I love the freedom of speech.  But if you're going to use your freedom of speech in an ugly way or spew slander on someone else, go somewhere else.  We don't need that here.  I want to keep the conversational comments open, but if I have to monitor every comment like the third grade teacher's censorship….you'll kill the potential here.  Let's keep free speech on the Journey Open and Free.  But we can only do it if we respect each other. 

If it's a sensitive issue and your afraid of revealing something secret, I understand.  But if you're going to pony up and call me names, or you're interested in calling someone else a degrading name….NAME YOURSELF!!  I can handle the criticism, but you need to let the world know the vileness in your soul. (Please enjoy the paradox here)

ALSO…from here on out, if you try to market yourself by posting links on this blog to other evil stories to move the search engines to think this blog is anything but somewhere we can have a real faith discussion, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!  Stop it.  We're trying to have a real time discussion here, not a place where you can market your own sick ideas. 

Keep Free Speech on The Journey by Respecting Others.  (Matthew 22:27-40)



And I say, I'm truly Sorry.

For those 50K+ people or so around the world who are reading this blog every day, I apologize for having to call out a few that are spoiling the whole bunch. 

Thank you for your willingness to continue conversation, contribute to a view of diversity, and a create a willingness to tackle some of the hardest issues our culture is facing today. 

Here's to many more posts in the future!!









1 Comment

  1. You don’t mean to insinuate that people can be rude, hateful, and obnoxious hiding behind a compute screen do you?
    I often disagree with people daily on the Net but a civil discourse, while never abandoning the truth, is better than man hate filled diatribe.

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