Child athlete

I hear it all the time….Americans are just too busy!

Social Engagements
Lunch at School
HOME work

Does your calendar look similar?

It's tough to keep up with all the events we have scheduled every single day, isn't it? 

It's almost like we live life in an effort to make sure no one gets bored.

We line up our conversations, our events, our to do lists, and find ourselves winding out of control.  We wonder why we feel so tired? 

When is going to stop? 
Is there any relief at the end of all this crazy?

I talk to parents all the time about the need to un-plug. Its no wonder so many teenagers migrate to video games and other friends.  It's the only time in their life they can find a breather.

We're working ourselves out of life!

But Andy, if Preston doesn't get on the traveling team, he'll never get that scholarship.
If Gretchen doesn't get more homework, her grades will suffer.
If I don't keep Ben busy, he'll get in trouble.

But Where do you draw the line?

Let me encourage you today with an article in USA Today.  Amalya Knapp, a 7 year old gymnastic protegee, decided to forfeit her chances at winning gold because of her Jewish belief in the Sabbath.  Click Here for Full Article

The short story…

Amalya and her parents were forced with a decision to compete on Sunday with a chance to win a gold medal, or hold true to their Jewish beliefs the Sabbath is a holy day to be set a part. 

They chose to sit this one out. 



They chose to re-enforce their faith decisions with their 7 year old because they're grounded in what things really mean something in this life. 

The Sabbath day is a Holy Day for Jews and Christians.  Ever since Genesis outlined God's "And on the seventh day He rested" and the ten commandments  "Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy," believers have chosen to obey God's commandment and make the Sabbath a day of rest. 

I've written on this before, so I won't use the space to re-cap the whole idea; but the idea for humanity to take a day of rest is built in the very rhythm of nature. 

The American culture is so counter intuitive when it comes to sacrificing potential gain for underlying value propositions, it doesn't make sense to the common observer.  But the idea you stand up and own life rather than letting life own you is a central theme in this faith journey. 

God created all the earth with the need to rest. 
Animals know it.
Plants know it.
Humans know it, but we try to cling to our addiction to productivity in a subtle effort to push God to the sideline. 

We think if we just keep pushing, something will break for us.
If we only open our shops one more day, think of the cash flow.
I can't afford to sit and be still, what if I miss something?

But what if you're missing it already?

What if one of the most rewarding parts of being human is being able to use your gifts and talents within the context of how you were created? 

Would God honor that decision?

Most everyone in America knows the story of the Chic Fil A founder Truett Cathy.  Mr. Cathy decided early on in his business career that Chic Fil A would be closed on Sunday to observe the Sabbath and keep it Holy.  Much to the disdain of Americans all over the country, you can't get a Chic Fil A sandwich on Sunday, no matter how hard you try. 

Did God honor that decision?

Chic Fil A is one of the most healthy restaurant chains in America Today.
Mr. Cathy is a BILLIONAIRE, in spite of the decision to reduce cash flow by a day.
And when asked, he makes no excuses.  "It's the best business decision I ever made."

It's time for you and your family to take a little activity inventory. 

Are you pushing too hard?
Have you sacrificed an important faith value in hopes that you'll be able to make up for it on the other side of life's ledger?

My hope for you today, take a lesson from a 7 year old. 

They'll be plenty of gymnastics meets.
They'll be plenty of scholarship opportunities.
They'll be plenty of ways to be productive through the week.

But there's only one day for The Sabbath. 

Take a BREAK!







  1. Amen to all that. Monday I needed a break and spent an hour under a shade tree on campus. It felt so good to clear my head and stop working on school work. Thanks for the post. I think a lot of people needed to read this. 🙂

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