WOW, it's been a while since I updated here about what's going on at KIVU, so I'll make it short and sweet. 

For those of you who are new, I run a summer camp for teenagers located in Durango Colorado.  We have 13-18 year olds come out for 14 days of exciting Colorado Adventure, while we help to teach the Christian Worldview.  We help them know how to know the Bible is true, how we know there's a God, how to relate to other religions, and how to interpret pop culture as we live in the world. 

The 2011 summer is almost here, and we're excited as more and more folks are calling in to register for this year's summer camp season.  If you're interested, you'll want to reserve your spot by visiting our online registration platform at http://www.campkivu.com. 

The Theme is chosen.
The Song is being Written.
And Our "Friends" of KIVU are making videos to welcome you to a place in Colorado where teenagers can experience the wonder of Colorado Adventure, while exploring a Christian Worldview. 
The Staff is gearing up.
The Equipment is coming out.
And KIVU is all ready for teenagers from around the world!

In our effort to reach out to teenagers year round here at KIVU, we've just started a LIVE online broadcast!!  That's rght, you can participate in a LIVE online Broadcast we're calling KIVU Midnight Madness.  It starts Friday nights at Midnight, and anyone is invited. I know some of you parents are thinking, "WHEW THAT'S PRETTY LATE."  But we know how many teenagers live online at night.  Whether looking through facebook, tweeting thoughts about the day, or simply playing games, we're going to have a LIVE call in/chat show dedicated to teenagers who like to stay up late. 

We've got up to date KIVU videos, chat rooms with students asking relevant questions, and 'yours truly' will be doing segments on how to continue asking tough questions concerning a Christian Worldview.  Who is God?  How can we know?  How do we connect with the world around us?  What can we do?

So be sure to mark your calander.  If you're up, check out KIVU Midnight Madness at http://www.ustream.tv/user/CampKivu.  All you need is an internet connection, and we can do this LIVE!!

(Ok, for all you who aren't interested in staying up late, we'll record and archive the show for you to watch at your convenience. You won't be able to interact LIVE, but you'll get the message.)

ALSO…GET READY…We're a few days away from launching THE JOURNEY on your iPHONE!  That's right.  No more waiting to get to your computer.  You'll be able to get all the current articles from this blog right on your iPhone or iPad.  CRAZY!!  I still can't believe we live in a world where everything you need can be in the palm of your hand.  So, be looking for an announcement soon concerning the mobile JOURNEY iApplication.

WHEW!!  That's a lot right?? 

We've got so much going, it's crazy around here.  But I'm thankful that you continue to join us here on the blog.  Thanks for your continued readership.  Right now we're #9 on Facebook's Network Blog Application, right below the Huffington Post.  (Over 49K subscribers) And all thanks to you. 

I've always said, if you keep reading, I'll keep writing.  So I'll keep going and we'll see where God leads us into the future. 

Once again, Thanks.  And God Bless!




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