Can you imagine eating at this table? 

I mean, you're whole life, you woke up to rice and beans.  This is all you knew. 

And then you got adopted into a family that served this….


How do you describe that?

I was reading Keller's new book on Jesus, and how Jesus started to describe heaven.  He used metaphors that the people knew, but He knew the metaphors didn't do the real thing justice.  

Imagine what it must be like to be an orphan kid, adopted into a provisional family, and then trying to explain that back to your old friends, your orphan friends, the one's who were left. 

That's exactly what happened to our little TIKI.  We just had a family vacation in Florida, and I started wondering what that little kid is thinking.  He came from an orphanage of 400, to a family of 7.  He was fighting for food, and just stepped off a cruise ship where there was food galor!

Can you imagine TIKI trying to tell his buddies about the food he has now? 

Can you imagine him telling them about snowboarding, summer camp, or school?

It would be a disaster.  Even if he turns out to be the greatest story teller ever, he wouldn't be able to do it justice.

That's why I love C.S. Lewis' quote, "I believe in Christianity as I believe in the sun: not only because I see it, but by it I see everything else."  Without the sun, we couldn't see anything.  Even though we have the ability to see it as an object, it's no the sole purpose.  In fact, one might make the case that the light put out by the sun is as important as the objective description of the sun itself, because by IT, we are allowed to see the rest of the world. 

Isn't that awesome!!

That's how adoption shows us a dim picture of heaven today.  By the adoption of our little one's from Rwanda, we are able to see a dim picture of God's provision for us.


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