While the series is taking off, and kids around the world are learning how to be pretty little liars, don't deceive yourself into thinking yours isn't. 

How many times have I been in a school telling parents about what teenagers are up to, and they look at me like "My kid would never…"  Well, the fact of the matter is, they will, and then they'll lie about it. 

USA Today is reporting today,If you have teenagers you need to know they are "pretty little liars."  Now, I don't mean to out all my teenage friends, but in order for parents to see their kids for who they are, we've got to see that some kids lie for various reasons.

1.  To Protect Their Friends.  It's incredible to see how many teenagers are loyal to their friends.  It doesn't matter how bad it gets, the psyche of today's teen is to protect those they run with.

2.  To Do things You would Forbid.  Kids are sneaky. They  have no intention on telling you things they know you wouldn't approve of.  So stop trying to protect them.  They'll do it. 

3.  To Avoid Consequences.  Nobody wants to go through the consequences of their actions.  Teens have figured out how to avoid the wrath of their parents.  Just don't tell them the truth.

So to all my parent friends out their, WE LOVE TEENAGERS.  But they are who they are.  We need to see the reality of actions sometimes instead of trying to protect them through the lens of innocence.  WE LOVE KIDS.  But to help them understand how real life works, we've got to call a spade a spade and deal with the issues.  

So when you hear a teacher say, "I'm noticing Johnny…" 
Or you meet with a pastor who says, "Sally is …."

Don't be too quick to give them the pass of innocence.  Take a while to gather the information, get to the truth, and then help your teenager know how much you love them by helping them deal with real time mistakes.  It's ok.  We all make them.  And those who say they don't…well, they're pretty little liars too.

Check out the article.  I think you'll find it interesting!! 






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  1. Great post… and what a great reminder to both parents and leaders of teens to rise to a higher call to be ever full of integrity and clarity and to never abuse our ‘power’ of authority!!

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