Fellowship Christian

I landed in Atlanta on Monday night, President's day; and got off the plane to the air thick with humidity.  I was well on my journey to meet with Fellowship Christian School in Roswell Georgia.  As many of you know, I spend much of the off season serving Christian Schools during their Spiritual Emphasis weeks, and FCS was slated next on the list. 

We started with a session on Worldview and Belief systems that ignited a storm of conversation.  Students were asking super hard questions, and began to explore the depths of their spiritual growth. 

Next we worked through the Behavior section and discussed the impact of the culture and entertainment on what we know to be true.  IT WAS AMAZING.  The conversations coming as we realize what makes us do what we do is always a wonderful exploration.

Finally, I ended with a couple of session on Belonging.  Who do we belong to, and why does it matter?  The students really started thinking hard about how to reach out to people in their school, their community, and ultimately their sphere of influence. 

Overall, my time in Georgia was AWESOME!  The students were so kind, the faculty was gracious, and the administration seems to be setting the school up for long term success. 

Thanks FCS.  You guys were awesome, and I'm grateful for the time I got to spend with you!


  1. Dear Andy,
    I am a freshman at Fellowship. I wanted to say thanks for talking to us. You made it very relatable to us. I love how you incorporated things that made sense to us. You’re so real. You didn’t butter anything up;and I think we all need that once in a while. Thanks for all you do. May God bless you and your family.

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