Remember that awful movie that came out a few years ago called Step Brothers?  It was terrible!  Funny.  But terrible.  Bad language, bad situations, bad…bad…bad…

But I saw this picture while I was cruising for the daily picture, and I laughed OUTLOUD!

Who wears a speedo in the backyard pool?  Who wears a speedo ANYTIME?  I mean unless your Michael Phelps or your from France, pack the speedo away pal! 

As I laughed, I was also thinking about fun times guys have together.  We do some strange stuff ladies, and I can't even begin to make sense of why guys do some of the stuff we do.  We're guys, and that's about as close as I can get. 

We laugh together.
We cheer together.
We fight together.
We stand up for each other.

But often times we find it hard to talk about tough issues we go through. 

It's almost like we have to hide those feelings that make us human, because being a man is more important.  It trumps the feelings of loneliness, helplessness, or definitely hopelessness. 

So today I just wanted to poke my nose in an issue that all guys deal with.  Who do you talk to?

Who do you talk to when marriage gets tough?
Who do you talk to when sin creeps in your heart?
Who do you talk to when you offended?
What about when you just are going through it as a guy?

I was sitting with a friend of mine here in town today, and he asked, "Who do you talk to?"  And I had to think for a second.  Yea, I thought, Who do I talk to?

The Bible says, "Iron Sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another."  We are taught from the beginning to rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn, but how do we do that as men?  Do we have a venue to go and be comfortable enough in our manhood, and then at the same time expose our vulnerabilities to someone who we trust?

It seems like I deal with a lot of guys that think, "I can handle it.  I don't want to trouble anyone with my stuff.  What kind of guy really needs to lean on someone else?" 

If I may….Even Jesus asked the disciples to pray for Him, and He knew everything that was about to go down after the garden story. 

I'm thankful I have wonderful friends all over the country. 
I do have a few folks that say, If you ever need anything….
So what does your world look like? 

Who do you talk to?


  1. Wow. Very true and poignant. I know in my life oftentimes I just keep it all in. It’s harder as a guy to just share your feelings. It’s not really our first inclination, yet we need to. David (referred to in the Bible as a man after God’s own heart) had two distinct people he talked to. Jonathan – a peer with a strong faith in God. Jonathan was able to offer some insight and encouragement as someone in the same phase of life. And Nathan – an older wiser man also with a strong faith in God. Nathan was able to offer wisdom gained through years of life experience.
    I think we could use to have a Jonathan and a Nathan in our lives.

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