I spent the last three days hanging in Orlando Florida.  There are some great kids down there in Windermere, Orlando, Orange County, and all the surrounding areas.  It was a great time asking good hard questions to teenagers about what it means to date, after all it was Valentine's day week. 

You know what I learned?

Confirmation teenagers need a place to think.  They need a place where they can get outside their normal every day lives, and spend time working on what they believe about life's crucial issues. 

They need a place where they can meet like minded people.  They need to know teenagers from all over the world are dealing with similar issues.  They need support. 

It was a great week to know KIVU can be that place. 

If you have a teenager, or you know a teenager that needs a place to go this summer to meet people, get a chance to do exciting Colorado adventures, and have the ability to work on life's toughest questions; come on over to http://www.campkivu.com and register today. 

It's a fun place to hang out in the heat of the summer, but more than that; it's an essential place for students to start really working on the realities of life. 

Let me know what you think

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