Bridges To Recovery - Depression

I just talked with another student yesterday who poured out a year's worth of depression.  His feelings of loneliness, his thoughts that God would certainly work it out, and the emotional road blocks kept him asking real questions about the world around him. 

I'm telling you, THIS IS IT!  This is the plague of our generation.  There are so many students walking around feeling like they're all alone, and no one is going through what they are going through; it's like an infestation keeping people from living full life. 

And I'm hearing it loud and clear!

The fact so many students feel as if their life doesn't matter.
The confessions of teenagers longing to connect with people on more than a Facbook level.
College students who are transfering to find small groups they can live life with.
Parents who are finding themselves all alone in the context of a real marriage.

I'm more convinced today than ever, this Depression deal is a real thing, and we better start talking about real ways we can deal with it. 

Sure, there are times for medications.
Of Course there are mental exercises we can do
I know many people who have to be coached back into social situations.
But really…this is something far greater than what has been done.

There are people out there who are drowning in emotional deluges of self doubt.  They can't find a break, and the more people I talk with, the more they all say, "If I only had someone to talk with about what I was feeling."

So today…May we know we are not alone.

May we reach out to others around us who we trust.
May we fast from Facebook/Twitter/and tech relationships that are illusions of reality.
May we rest in God's vision of our lives.
May we learn how to connect with a real caring community of people who support, show compassion, or just reach out to a mis-understood reality. 

My heart is heavy today with thoughts of all the high school and college students walking through life alone. 

Summer can't get here quick enough. 




  1. Depression can have a paralyzing effect on individuals and on families. It’s a very real problem. I do think one way to help someone through depression is taking some focus off of their worries, gloom and oppressed thoughts and to get into volunteering and community service. It always feels good to help others and it also sheds a new light on our own problems when we see the sufferings and hardships of others. It helps put things into perspective.

  2. Maybe I am not in the right universe again. That happens to me a lot, but I believe in a little depression. Soul searching and asking unanswerable questions is good for your life. Taking pills to dull the pain prevents you from learning the lesson God wanted to teach you. Read about Moses, alone with that mob of Hebrews mad at him whining continuously to return to Egypt. Or Naomi who lost her husband and both her sons and went home to Israel empty and old. Or Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene facing the cross and his friends went to sleep.
    Life is painful and stressful, but it is truly unbearable if you have to go through all that and you still don’t learn what God was trying to teach. Learn the lesson, please, just learn the lesson. If you don’t learn it this time, you’ll have to try again next year.

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