The winter blast across the nation has only reminded SUMMER IS ON THE WAY.  As thousands are confined to their homes today, let me invite you to a place where teenagers can experience a summer filled with…

  • High Mountain Colorado Adventure
  • Global Relationships with Teenagers from all over the world
  • A real time conversation about faith issues
  • An introduction to Understanding how to Love God and Love Others 

We begin our 14 day terms for 13-18 year olds in mid June, and go through mid August.  Be sure to check out www.campkivu.com for latest details.  But while you're looking out the window at the snowfall, let me me give you a little glimpse of heaven on earth. 


Click Above to see Full Video




  1. “The excellent “Casimir Pulaski Day” (named after an Illinois state holiday honoring the polish-born victor of the Battle of Brandywine) is a heartbreaking story of late winter death, bravely sung over rich banjo; the bubbly “Decatur” (the title of which is, awesomely, rhymed with “alligator,” “aviator,” and “emancipator”) features one of Stevens’ most undeniable melodies, the kind of pretty, tinkling cue that sends everyone in earshot twirling through the streets, jazz hands and all. Matthew Morgan yelps solid backing bits (see their gorgeously squeaky harmony on “Stephen A. Douglass was a great debater/ But Abraham Lincoln was the great emancipator!”), while Daniel and Elin Smith (of Brother Danielson, and the Danielson Famile) chime in for a campfire finish, complete with self-applause.”

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